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Advertising and Direct Marketing Topic10: Using Radio Radio plays an integral role in the media plans of advertisers who invest billions in media placement. There are several options for reaching target audiences. A split of national and local is an obvious geographic choice. More specifically advertisers can choose among the following categories each with individual characteristics: networks, syndication, AM and FM. Additionally, there are now satellite radio options as well as streaming radio broadcasts through the internet. Networks operate much like television networks in that they deliver programming via satellite to affiliate stations. They tend to concentrate on news, sports, business reports and short features. Some of the successful networks include ABC, CNN and AP News Network. Syndication provides complete programs to stations on a contract basis. Large syndicates offer stations complete 24-hour a day programming packages that relieve a station of any programming effort. They will also supply individual programs, such as talk shows. Large syndication organizations like Westwood One and Satellite Music Networks place ads within programming, making syndication a good option for advertisers. AM versus FM: Am sends signals at signal designations 540 to 1600 AM, and even stereo AM signals cannot match the sound quality of FM. Therefore most AM stations focus on local community broadcasting or news or talk formats that do not require high quality audio. Talk radio was the salvation of AM radio. FM radio transmits on frequency modulation and is of much higher quality, attracting a wide range of music formats. The various types of radio advertising include local spot radio, advertising, network radio advertising, or national spot radio advertising. Spot radio attracts 80% of all radio advertising dollars spent a year. In spot advertising, an advertiser places ads directly with the individual station rather than a network or syndication. Spot radio dominates the
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ADVDMKTopic10 - Advertising and Direct Marketing Topic10:...

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