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Consumer Behavior Topic 3 Motivation Section I As per lecture on 2/19/08 – notes to be added later. Section II Advertising plays into motives. Some motives lead the consumer towards a goal (vs. a negative goal). A manifest motive is known and freely identified and if you ask the consumer why they bought the product, they would provide an answer. However some may be latent motives that are unknown to the consumer or they are reluctant to admit – does that make some motives unconscious? Focus groups are often utilized to try and determine motives. The marketer seeks to find motive, in particular the real motive. 1. what are real motives? As stated above, some are manifest, that is, known, such as milk and bread. Sometimes there may be multiple motives, some manifest and perhaps some latent. Knowing the motive assists in creating effective advertising. What do the tobacco companies show in juxtaposition with the cigarette? Often you see young, healthy, athletic people who are engaging in some extreme activity exhibiting individuality and autonomy (i.e., hang gliding etc.). So the marketer works to find the real motive that may not be easily expressed. If the motive is latent, this is an easy task. If latent, then enlisting focus groups and/or
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consumerbtopic3 - Consumer Behavior Topic 3 Motivation...

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