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Consumer Behavior Topic 6 Learning Theory, Involvement Theory and Brand Loyalty We speak of learning theory as the process by which experience leads to change in knowledge attitudes, and/or behavior 1. Cognitive approach to learning – maintains that learning is mainly reflected by changes in mental process. Learning by rehearsal is one method in which the information is mentally repeated to transfer it from STM to LTM, such as with a telephone number that we repeat to remember. Another cognitive method is elaboration which involves making links/connections to existing knowledge The amount of elaboration depends on the motivation of the learner and the ability – the more they want to know, the harder they will work on elaboration as well as the more they know, the easier it is to learn additional things Work in the cognitive are of learning focuses on methods to enhance retention – how to improve memory of an advertisement: a. pictures (with multi media) – visual imagery helps – such as using the brand name and associating it with a visual (i.e., White Horse liquor has the picture of a white horse on the label; Era stain remover for years had an ad in which the product is written onto a white sheet with a stain – when the Era is washed away, the sheet is white through the script of “Era” and this is extremely memorable b. concrete words vs. abstract words – concrete words are easier to visualize (tree ocean vs. liberty, democracy) – (i.e., Newsweek magazine vs. Suave hair products). A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology looked at brand names to determine meaningfulness and fittingness – that is, does the word have meaning that is appropriate for the product (i.e., Leggs stockings that come in a plastic egg, Spring Cleaning software; Easy Off oven cleaner; Slurpees). The findings clearly indicated that the more meaningful the name is, the more memorable. There are companies that specialize in brand names (i.e., Name Lab).
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