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Consumer Behavior Topic 11 Family Influence; Organizational Decision Making Collective decision making refers to decisions made by one person for numerous individuals who are part of a group – one of such groups is that of the family. Of course, we think of groups more commonly as corporations or community groups. In both groups there are key persons who facilitate the decision making process: the initiator who starts the process by identifying a need; the gatekeeper who controls the flow of information; the influencer impacts the public opinion of the group by being a role model and having the ability to impact the decisions of others; the buyer who makes
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Unformatted text preview: the purchase and finally the user who uses the decided upon product. Think of your home family unit and the above described persons in the process where do you fall in this pattern? Your family consists of those who are related to you by birth as well as what is referred to as your extended family including not only more distant relatives as well as very close friends of the family such as Godparents. Of course, the family unit is in evolution including families with same-sex parents, single parents, adopted children and children born via surrogate parents....
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