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Consumer Behavior Topic 15 Midterm Study Guid e (if there is a midterm) key terms: Demographics Psychographics Beliefs, values, fears – RISKS Motives and Motivation Price Quality Relationships Variables that effect consumers and their decisions The search for information – internal/external – factos that impact search behavior Need recognition Decision process EPS/LPS Evaluation criteria Maslow Freud Personality Traits Senses of self Pre and post purchase evaluation Innovators Self Image JND/Weber’s law Information Processing Final Study Guide key terms:
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Unformatted text preview: Labeling Principle of Reciprocity Fishbein theory (including NB, MC, J) Multi-attribute model Behavorist Approach to Learning Theory Shaping Fear Appeals Cognitive Learning Theory The sequence of steps in the formation of an attitude Spokespersons Sleeper effect The use of metaphors in marketing ELM – elaboration likelihood model Reference groups/referent power Demographics Communication Theory “Q” ratings Foot-in-Door; Door-in-Face Kinds of power that marketers may control (i.e., coercive power)...
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