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Lecture 4 - Reliability What is reliability Measures the...

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Reliability What is reliability? Measures the ability of a product, part, or system to perform its intended function under a prescribed set of conditions Failure – situation in which the item does not perform as intended Reliabilities always specified with respect to certain conditions a.k.a. normal operating conditions e.g. temp, humidity, maintenance How can reliability be improved? By improving the following: Design Production techniques Testing Using backups Preventive maintenance procedures Education System design Quantifying Reliability: Using Probability as a Measure (1) The probability that a product or system will function when activated – a point in time (2) The probability that the product or system will function for a given length of time -- product life used for warranty determination
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Product Reliability at a Point in Time Considers the reliability of the components/parts of a product or system Product Reliability over time
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