Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - : The arrival ( ) and service rates ( ) must...

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Queuing What is queuing theory? The mathematical approach to the analysis of lines Useful in planning and analysis of service capacity Goal of queuing -- minimize total cost - costs associated with customers waiting in line for service and those associated with capacity System Characteristics 1) Population source o Infinite source o Finite source 1) Number of servers (channels) o Single o Multiple 2) Arrival and service patterns o Probability distribution (exponential, Poisson, etc) 3) Queue discipline (order of service) o First-come-first-served
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Queuing Models: Infinite Sources Assumptions: o Poisson arrival rate o System operates under steady state (average arrival and service rates are stable) Important note
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Unformatted text preview: : The arrival ( ) and service rates ( ) must be in the same units Four Basic Models 1) Single channel, exponential service time 2) Single channel, constant service time 3) Multiple channel, exponential service time 4) Multiple priority service, exponential service time Finite Source (2) Appropriate for cases in which the calling population is limited to a relatively small number of potential calls (3) Example -- one person may be responsible for handling breakdown on 15 machines (4) The mathematics of finite-source model can be complex, analysts often use finite queuing tables in conjunction with simple formulas to analyze these systems...
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Lecture 11 - : The arrival ( ) and service rates ( ) must...

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