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Chapter 11+12 - Chapter 11 Human Resource Management...

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Chapter 11 Human Resource Management Diversity in the workplace (and in society more broadly) matters: see handout on changing views of diversity the challenge of diversity training ("I don't have a problem") 1 of 10 in labor force are contingent workers Human Resource Management (see fig 11.1 flowchart) and the HR challenge (see pp 317-318): shortages of labor in growth industries (high-tech) surplus of labor in declining industries (structural unemployment) unprepared new entrants (Welfare reform) shift in age composition, other demographic changes (more women, single-parent households) etc. Job analysis: evaluation of duties/qualities required by a job (fig 11.2): job description: outline of objectives, tasks, and responsibilities of specific job job specification: description of qualifications (skills, education, and skills) required by a job Staffing the Organization: recruitment -- from two sources: 1. internal (inexpensive approach) 2. external (more expensive than hiring from within) -- Note: for managerial and selection process (pp 323-325): application and resume interview employment tests (if required) -- must be job related, but controversial (e.g., polygraph (lie detector) tests now restricted) background investigation (reference checks) physical exams (if required) -- firms more concerned about health of prospective employees, but still controversial (drug and AIDS testing) trial periods (probation) Training (employees) and Development (of managers): employee orientation OJT (learning by doing) and apprentice programs "off-the-job" training (this class) vestibule training and job simulation management development networking and mentoring Contingent Work Force: Manpower Inc. is nation's largest private employer know +/- of "just-in-time" employment Performance appraisal (fitness report) disciplinary action, demotion, separation or termination
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Chapter 11+12 - Chapter 11 Human Resource Management...

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