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Chapters 7+8 - Chapter 7 Management, Leadership, Employee...

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Chapter 7 Management, Leadership, Employee Empowerment New Approach to Management: manager no longer the "boss" or controller, "Organization Man," or he/him (e.g., Lynn Mercer) What's different today? increasingly tough global competition uncertain environments ("constant whitewater") cutbacks in personnel and resources growing workforce diversity: balancing work and family, especially women increasing participation of ethnic minorities flatter organizations employee empowerment, etc. Manager's challenge: do more with less in the midst of continual change (while the ground is moving) Management defined: the process used to accomplish organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (POLC) people and other organizational resources (fig 7.1) Planning (selecting a course of action in advance): setting organizational vision, goals, and objectives: CSM mission statement situation or "SWOT" analysis three forms/levels (strategic, tactical, operational plus contingency, see fig 7.2) planning time horizon: - long-term (strategic): 1-5 years out - intermediate (tactical): within 1 year - short-term (operational): weekly Organizing: structuring resources and activities to accomplish objectives (e.g., baseball team, see Ch 8) Organizational structure and hierarchy (fig's 7.3, 7.4 traditional pyramid structure): Top management includes the president, CEO, CFO, and other top executives -- concentrate on strategic planning Middle management includes regional, plant, division, department managers -- tactical focus
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Chapters 7+8 - Chapter 7 Management, Leadership, Employee...

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