Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Tips for entrepreneurs: 1. Every plan is a...

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Tips for entrepreneurs: 1. “Every plan is a basis for change”. Don’t be surprised if your offering ends up being very different than what you originally thought of. This happens 99% of the time and it’s actually important to be flexible to adapt and improve the model/offering. 2. Just get started. You will never learn about entrepreneurship by studying it as much as be just giving it a try and “doing it”. 3. Awareness, discipline and courage are the foundations for many of the most successful leaders. Be aware of what you are good at and not so good at, be courageous in your vision and standing up for it, even when it may look hopeless, and be disciplined to be focused on the tasks that really help you use your skills to meet your vision. 4. Make sure you have “SMART” goals (specific, measurable, attainable / assignable, realistic and time based) 5. Milestones: Make sure you have them! It’s good to see your progress and if an investor can see you meet your initial, more simple milestones, they will trust you can meet bigger milestones too. 6. Exploit the opportunities you see. Act fast, while there are always other opportunities, the
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Lecture 9 - Tips for entrepreneurs: 1. Every plan is a...

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