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HRTM 7740.81 ADVANCED NEW VENTURE MANAGEMENT IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AGENDA SEVEN: “PROJECTIONS” Saturday, April 2, 2005 Group Meetings (9:00 – 9:30) The two new venture teams meet before the class to prepare for their class presentation 1. “Pioneer Venture Management” will need to represent their marketing plan on the buyout of Sunbay Hotel in East Hampton 2. “MIL$ Capital Group” will need to run their monthly projections for next year, as well as annual for the next 5 to 6 years. Administrative (9:30-9:35): 1. Discuss the Quiz #2 from last week 2. Mention the Quiz #3 will be postponed to next week instead of this week 3. The final presentation papers are due on April 30 th , and each student, before the Final Exam, would make a presentation. INTRO (9:35-9:40): I: 3 Stories that show – emotional reactions to purchasing a company: a. Joke: The wristwatch story- b. Santorini Hotel: My partner getting emotional with the seller c. The Plaza Hotel – Donald Trump – to Saudi Prince to Elad Partners N: Emotional on Projections The numbers don’t lie – projection will show you if the deal will work T: Agenda: a) Lecture: Projections (assumptions) 15 minutes b) Each of the teams will make a 15-minute presentation on the Revenue Projections (Denny’s Franchise and Sunbay Hotel) – with Comments c) Lecture –Intro to Raising Capital – Banks requirements of making loans 25 minutes R: Three phases: a) Building projections – Assumptions b) Valuating the proposition c) Establish the amount of money you need to meet your financial goals O: By the end of the class each of you will know how to build projections from
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