LAb 1-12 review and test

LAb 1-12 review and test - Why is ozone primarily important...

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Why is ozone primarily important in the stratosphere? It absorbs the Sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The gast that constitutes about 78% of all the gases in Earth's atmosphere is called: Nitrogen Which gas in the atmosphere varies from 0%-4% at different times and geographical regions? Water Vapor The process of Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The average length of time that individual molecules of a given substance remain in the atmosphere is called the residence time As you increase in altitude, the pressure in the atmosphere decreases logarithmically The lowest layer in the atmosphere is called the troposphere As you increase in altitude, the first layer that you come to that is considered an inversion is the stratosphere During the Northern Hemisphere's summer solstice, Earth's north pole is tilted towards the Sun Incoming solar radiation is often referred to as insolation Which of the following forms of energy has the longest wavelength? radio The original source of energy for nearly all atmospheric weather processes is T he Sun The date of the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is September 21st The latitude of the Antarctic Circle is 66.5 S The equator receives 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of daylight every day of the year. When you burn your hand on the handle of a pan that is sitting on a hot range, the energy was transferred up the handle of the pan by conduction The bubbles that rise up from the bottom of a boiling pan of water are caused by which energy transfer mechanism? convection
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The Earth reflects about 30% of the Sun's rays that come into the atmosphere, this reflection is termed albedo Kinetic energy is otherwise known as energy of motion Which method primarily affects shorter wavelength radiation? rayleigh scattering The process by which solar energy interacts with the atmosphere is scattering, Net radiation is defined as the difference between absorbed and emitted radiation Scattering by clouds is sometimes called non-selective Most of the energy emitted by the Earth is in the form of longwave radiation. pressure gradient force creates the wind and always points from high to low pressure. Lines on a weather map connecting places of equal air pressure are called isobars In the Northern Hemisphere, winds associated with a high pressure system blow clockwise outwards from the center Which of these factors influences the strength of the coriolis force? both wind speed and latitude Standard sea level pressure in millibars is approximately 1013 Upper air winds are generally faster than surface winds Which of these instruments is NOT used to measure air pressure? anemometer Low pressure is usually associated with precipitation If stormy weather were approaching, the pressure tendency would probably be falling Closely spaced isobars indicate strong winds High air pressure systems are usually associated with diverging winds, descending
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LAb 1-12 review and test - Why is ozone primarily important...

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