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Head 1 Head 2 Head 3 Head 4 Head 5 Head 6 Head 7 Head 8 V t l/min sec mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm 2.80E-03 3.00E+01 5.00E+00 1.35E+02 2.15E+02 1.30E+02 1.30E+02 8.00E+01 8.00E+01 1.65E+02 7.50E+01 9.33E-05 8.33E-05 6.50E-03 3.00E+01 1.00E+01 1.65E+02 2.22E+02 1.50E+02 1.45E+02 9.00E+01 9.00E+01 1.70E+02 7.00E+01 1.67E-04 1.66E-04 6.00E-03 3.00E+01 1.50E+01 2.15E+02 2.30E+02 1.85E+02 1.65E+02 1.16E+02 1.10E+02 1.75E+02 7.00E+01 2.00E-04 2.50E-04 1.00E-03 3.00E+01 2.00E+01 2.80E+02 2.38E+02 2.30E+02 2.00E+02 1.40E+02 1.45E+02 1.80E+02 6.50E+01 3.33E-04 3.33E-04 % % % mm mm mm 6.74E-05 5.57E-05 1.07E+01 27.759914 40.30011 5.00E+01 5.00E+00 5.00E+00 8.70E-09 1.34E-04 9.90E-05 5.99E-01 19.760479 40.71856 5.50E+01 2.00E+01 1.50E+01 2.79E-08 1.90E-04 1.36E-04 2.50E+01 5 32 4.90E+01 4.00E+01 3.00E+01 4.00E-08 2.69E-04 1.76E-04 0.00E+00 19.219219 47.14715 6.00E+01 8.00E+01 5.00E+01
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Unformatted text preview: 1.11E-07 Volume Collected Time To Collect Variable Area Meter Reading Timed Flow Rate Variable Area Flow Rate Q t =V/t Q a =l/min* 1/60000 h 1 h 2 h 3 h 4 h 5 h 6 h 7 h 8 Q t Q a m 3 (m 3 /sec) (m 3 /sec) Orifice Plate Flow Rate Venturi Meter Flow Rate Variable Area Flow Rate Error Orifice Plate Flow Rate Error Venturi Meter Flow Rate Error Variable Area Head Loss Orifice Plate Head Loss Venturi Meter Head Loss Timed Flow Rate Squared Q o =C d A 2 [2 g(h 6-h 8 )]/ {[1-(A 2 /A 1 )^2]^ 1/2} Q v =C d A 2 [2 g(h 1-h 3 )]/ {[1-(A 2 /A 1 )^2] ^1/2} (Q a-Q t / Q t )*100 (Q o-Q t / Q t )*100 (Q 1-Q t / Q t )*100 (h 4-h 5 ) (h 6-h 8 ) (h 1-h 3 ) Q t ^2 Q o Q 1 H a H o H v Q 2 (m 3 /sec) (m 3 /sec) m 6 /sec 2...
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