Essay 1 - Which my professional or career goals When I...

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Essay 1 Eng100 Tong Fang My goals Which my academic or university goals? It is so easy. I want to go smoothly and complete all of my courses. Lastly I want get my bachelor degree. I come from China, I want to finish the course, it’s hard for me. So I have to study harder and harder. When the class is over, I must go over the lessons, look at the notes carefully and do some exercises. Every week I will go to the library to find some data and useful information. When I meet some problems, I should hold on and ask my professor or classmates. Never give up, although it’s a bit exhausting. I want get a good grade, so the old saying, tell me how to achieve it. It is one reaps no more than what one has sown. Believe myself, impossible is nothing. I can play, I can do it. Life is so short, I must reflect my value. After 4 years, I can imagine the picture bring my bachelor degree go back to China. Make my parents happy and find a good job.
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Unformatted text preview: Which my professional or career goals? When I finish the course, maybe I will stay in USA to study more experiences and make my English level perfect. But my parents want me to come back to China to carry on my father’s course. So I will choose my major to matter with my father’s course. And I will do my best to manage my father’s company. My plan is when I am 30 years old I will go back to China. I want to study more in USA, culture, quality and so on. I will strive to find a job in USA, money is not very important. The essential is I can study and experience more. I will be different with other people. If you want to accomplish a thing, you must have the plan and a goal. It you give up, the result is failure, if you try you best to do, although it will be failure, in fact you had successful. So I had a dream and I will let it come true....
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Essay 1 - Which my professional or career goals When I...

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