Essay 3 - let me become professional and charming. I think...

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Essay 3 Eng100 Tong Fang A class my recently attended Last month I had a good month. I taken my second course, it is the psychology. I am interested in psychology a lot. Psychology is a board field, with many specialties, but fundamentally. Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. Psychology can help me a lot. I can know people’s behavior and people’s heart. Last month I learn so much and I am very thanks for my professor. He is a friendly teacher. I learned- the developing child, sensation and perception, motivation, emotion, behavior and so on. I remember a lot of sentences. Emotion to help us respond to important situations and to covey our intentions to others. Memory is information processing system that works constructively to encode, store and retrieve information. Psychology can let me have a good topic to talk with other peoples, can
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Unformatted text preview: let me become professional and charming. I think everyone want to other people what are they thing about. I have a plan, I will choose the psychology for my major. I think I can learn it very well. Most things let my feel cheerful is my grade. I got a B in this course, and when the middle exam, I got a high score in my class. My professor encourages my and say I can do best. I find the confidence, I am in American just 6 months, I want to have progress to improve to my parents and my friends. I did it, my friends is very amazed, they can not believe I got a B. Because they got C, I am the best in Chinese people circle. Psychology just my life a melody, it is not enough to have my achievement. So I should be more and more hard to get best grade and get my bachelor degree....
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Essay 3 - let me become professional and charming. I think...

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