Essay 4 - better and better She told me she is a manager in...

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Essay 4 Eng100 Fang, Tong When I first came to America When I first came to America, I feel nervous and exciting. When I at the San Diego airport, I feel the weather is so comfortable. The environment is very beautiful. I feel something different with China, not only the nature, but also the nurture. I find everyone has high quality, everyone is friendly and kindly. Then I went to my homestay. According to the introduction, she is a good person. Finally, it is the true. When I at the home, I feel so lonely and boring and I want to go back to home. Suddenly, somebody knock the door, I said come in, it is Jenny who is my homestay mother. She has a long talk with me, my parents, my friends, girlfriends, my idol, China, America. She told me she has the same feel with me. She said when she 25 years old, she husband has died. And they have no children, she is very sad and feel lonely too. Now she is 50 years old, she is very independent to make her life
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Unformatted text preview: better and better. She told me she is a manager in a small company. I can not believe she is so staunch, I am so admire. And back to my life, it is look so easy. My parents give my money to study, life is ok, nothing will be trouble. It is only thing is graduated and get my bachelor degree. Now I have move to my new house with my friends but I also remember Jenny, she give me the confidence and tell me a truth. Nowadays, every month I will go to Jenny’s home, to have a talk and dinner. The new Chinese student live in her home, I told he you will study a lot of things, Jenny is a perfect person. It is the only one month that I live with Jenny, but the memory is so beautiful. I must work hard and to be independent, exercise myself, so life will be better and finally I can be successful....
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Essay 4 - better and better She told me she is a manager in...

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