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Essay 5 Fang, Tong ENG100 Loan money Dear my parents: I had lived in America about 8 months. In 8 months I learn a lot of, something about study, something about my life, I plan my future. Now I had a problem, I need your help. I want loan 5000 dollars to buy a used car. I know I am 21 years old, should independent, nut now I am in the university, no way to earn money. So I will pay back the 5000 dollars when I graduated 1years, please trust me. First, I always take the bus 928 to the school. But since next month I change the area, I have to go the South Bay. It is far away from my home. My friend said it is about 15 miles away. If I do not have the car, I do not know how to go South Bay. Although my friend already had one car, but I do not want to bother he, it is may bring some
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Unformatted text preview: trouble to him. I promise this car will encourage me to good study, work more hard. I know what do you considered about? It is the safe question. I already have the licenses, my drive level is ok. I had drive the car in high way. And I will according to the limit speed to drive. Recently, I changed, I will be more and more mature and I grown up. I know you are the perfect parents in my eye. When I was a child, I have a lot of requirements, you always say yes. I know you are very happy have your son. I will become your proud and honor. If you decide loan money to me, please E-mail to me. I will very appreciate it. Your son...
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