Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy Psy100 Tong Fang...

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Psychotherapy Psy100 Tong Fang Psychological disorder is a biologically based disease, which has an interaction of biological, mental, social, and behavioral factors. It causes DSM-IV disorders, and problems in daily life. The way to cure psychological disorder depends on local culture, history and the power of society. Psychotherapy is the therapy of psychological disorder, and its main measure is to improve patients’ mental state, control and lead their behavior, or improve one’s social functioning. Both psychological and biomedical events can lead to psychological disorders, and even disturb patients’ ability to remember things and analysis things definitely. Recently, patients are able to accept humane treatment. But the treatment in the past did not care about patients’ feeling, and was too harsh and rough. Electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, is the most powerful treatment for people who can not stand drug therapy. Sometimes family care and patient communication will do help at the same
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Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy Psy100 Tong Fang...

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