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when i miss you

when i miss you - Tong Fang National University ENG 240...

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Tong Fang National University ENG 240 Molroy, Patrick Benard 11/16/09 When I miss you, do you miss me When you see the sky Who want to be apologize When the tear be dry I will falling down and never miss Never fly My heart died in 2008’s summer. We had a long story. We were good friends in senior high school. She is a fantastic girl, beautiful, lovely, friendly, filial piety and kind-hearted. Everybody likes to be friend to her. So many boys want to pursue Karen. Lastly when she told me she loved me, I can’t believe it. I think I am in dream. Did you know when you said love me how happy I was. Actually, I want to love you but I was scared. I don’t want to lose our friendship, because if we broke up, it would make friendship is impossible. But lastly, I told my friends and do a promise I will marry you and love you forever. We will be stay so long, like a movie. Our relationships keep about 7 months. Those days are full of happiness and sweet. I like to see you smile, and talk to me, kiss me. Every day we must make a phone call
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