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Treatises by Subject From Stanford Law School (Uploaded at www.hssph.net/legalrm , under Chapter 5. See also Footnote 39 at page 90 in "Legal Research Methods in a Modern World: A Coursebook" by J. Paul Lomio, Henrik S Spang-Hanssen & George D. Wilson (DJØF Publishing, Jan. 2011- ISBN 978-87-574-2467-6)) 1. Administrative Law a. Administrative Law Treatise, 4th ed. by Kenneth Culp Davis & Richard J. Pierce, Jr. b. by Charles H. Koch, Jr. c. Administrative Law, 2d ed. by Alfred Aman & William Mayton d. Blackletter Statement of Federal Administrative Law e. Federal Administrative Dispute Resolution Deskbook f. Foundations of Administrative Law, 2d ed. g. Administrative Law: Examples and Explanations h. A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication i. Administrative Law Treatise, 4th ed. by Richard Pierce 2. Admiralty Law a. Benedict on Admiralty b. The Law of Admiralty by Grant Gilmore & Charles L. Black, Jr. c. Admiralty and Maritime Law by Robert Force d. Enforcement of Maritime Claims, 3d ed. by David Jackson e. The Law of Seamen, 5th ed. by Robert Force f. Admiralty and Maritime Law, 4th ed. by Thomas Schoenbaum 3. Agency and Partnership Law a. Handbook of the Law of Agency by Warren A. Seavey b. The Law of Agency and Partnership by Harold Reuschlein & William Gregory c. An Introduction to Agency, Partnership, and LLCs, 3d ed. by Melvin Eisenberg d. The Law of Agency and Partnership, 3d ed. by William A. Gregory 4. American Law and Jurisprudence a. American Law: An Introduction, 2d ed. by Lawrence M. Friedman b. Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States, 4th ed. by William Burnham c. Law in the United States: A General and Comparative View by Arthur Taylor von Mehren d. Law of the United States: An Overview by Peter Hay 5. Animal Law a. Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook by Jordan Curnutt b. Animal Law: Cases and Materials by Sonia S. Waisman, Bruce A. Wagman & Pamela D. Frasch 6. Antitrust Law a. Fundamentals of Antitrust Law by Phillip E. Areeda & Herbert Hovenkamp b. Antitrust Law by Richard A. Posner c. Antitrust Adviser, 4th ed. d. Antitrust in Transition e. Distribution Law: Antitrust Principles and Practice by Theodore Banks f. Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application, 2d ed. by Phillip E. Areeda & Herbert Hovenkamp g. The Law of Antitrust: An Integrated Handbook by Lawrence A. Sullivan & Warren S. Grimes
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7. Arbitration a. Domke on Commercial Arbitration b. Business Arbitration: What You Need to Know by Robert Coulson c. The Law and Practice of Arbitration by Thomas Charbonneau d. Arbitration Advocacy, 2d ed. by John Cooley e. The Arbitrator’s Handbook, 2d ed. by John Cooley f. Alternative Dispute Resolution by Stephen Ware 8. Art Law a. Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists, 2d ed. by Ralph E. Lerner & Judith Bresler
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8-Treatises_by_Subject_2008 - Treatises by Subject From...

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