67-1331 syllabus fall 2003

67-1331 syllabus fall 2003 - Austin Community College...

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Austin Community College Federal Income Tax: Individual ACNT 1331 On Line Delivery (PCM) Class instructor: Wallace F. Helin, CPA Telephone: 512-258-9670 #113 School email: [email protected] Office email (preferred): [email protected] Course Materials: West Federal Taxation, Individual Income Taxes , 2004 Edition, Hoffman, Smith and Willis Spreadsheet software (EXCEL preferred, some homework templates provided in EXCEL format) Study Guide for West Federal Taxation, Individual Income T axes, 2004 Edition, Hoffman, Smith, and Will (optional) Tax return preparation software; copy of TurboTax or TaxCut from the 2002 filing year (used for class project). You will likely need to find this on the internet and buy it online. I found Tax Cut for $24.99 at one site. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Basic instruction in the tax laws as currently enacted by the Internal Revenue Code, providing a working knowledge of preparing taxes for individuals. Emphasis on Federal income tax law; individual income, exclusions, deductions, credits, gains, etc. and incorporating these concepts into individual tax filing requirements. Prerequisites: ACCT 2301 or equivalent. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to: Identify the determinants of taxable income and the statutory exclusions that are permitted. Become familiar with the deduction component of the basic tax model. Learn various other components that relate to the theme of tax liability determination. Understand the purposes of the Federal tax law and the legislative, administrative, and judicial sources of Federal tax law and Research and report on assigned tax questions. CLASS FORMAT This class is a 16 week format. The class schedule is provided at the end of the syllabus. Information regarding assignments will be available in Blackboard on a weekly basis.
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GRADING: Chapter Assignments (2 drops) 150 Grade Scale Chapter Online Assessments (1 drop) Exams: 150 900-1,000 A Exam 1 Chapters 1-5 150 800-899 B Exam 2 Chapters 6-8 150 700-799 C Exam 3 Chapters 9-13 Exam 4 Chapters 14-17 150 150
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67-1331 syllabus fall 2003 - Austin Community College...

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