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Math Mammoth Grade 5 End of the Year Test Notes This test is quite long, because it contains lots of questions on all major topics covered in Math Mammoth Grade 5 Complete Curriculum . Its main purpose is to be a diagnostic test—to find out what the student knows and doesn't know. The questions are quite basic and do not involve especially difficult word problems. Since the test is so long, I do not recommend that you have your child/student to do it in one sitting. Break it into 3-5 parts and administer them on consecutive days, or perhaps on morning/evening/morning/evening. Use your judgment. A calculator is not allowed. The test is evaluating the child's ability in the following content areas: z the concept of an equation; solving simple equations z the concept of a ratio z solving word problems that involve ratio or a fractional part of a quantity z long division with 2-digit divisor z writing and rounding large numbers z place value with decimals and rounding decimals z all four operations with decimals (mentally) z long division and multiplication with decimals z drawing line graphs and finding average z all four operations with fractions z classifying and drawing triangles and quadrilaterals z finding the area of triangles, parallelograms, rectangles, and shapes composed of those z finding the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms (boxes) z the concept of an integer and adding integers z the concept of percent A few topics not covered in the test but that are covered in the Math Mammoth 5th grade worktext are: histograms, mode, using calculator, plotting simple functions, area units, similar figures, subtracting integers, coordinate grid in all four quadrants, balance as illustrating equations, and word problems that involve percent. In order to continue with Math Mammoth Grade 6 Complete Worktext, I recommend that the child gain a score of 80% on this test, and that the teacher or parent review with him any content areas that are found weak. The exception to this rule is integers, because they will be reviewed in detail in 6th grade. Children scoring between 70 and 80% may also continue with grade 6 , depending on the types of errors (careless errors or not remembering something, vs. lack of understanding). Again, use your judgment .
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Grading My suggestion for points per item is as follows. The total is 193 points. A score of 155 points is 80%. Question #
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2-End_of_Year_Test_Grade5 - Math Mammoth Grade 5 End of the...

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