2-HouseholdInventory - HOU S E HO LD I N V E NTO RY"take...

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Household Inventory Record Name Initial Inventory Date Revision Dates * If the value of your household contents exceeds your personal property limit, talk to your ERIE Agent about how to make sure your valuables are covered. Household Inventory We know how important your personal belongings are to you. That’s why it’s important to create and maintain an accurate household inventory. A household inventory will help you make sure you have the right insurance coverage. And if you ever need to file a claim, all the information you need will be handy. Just complete the following form, including the replacement cost - the current cost to replace each item – and total each room. Then, combine the totals under Household Inventory Record. Helpful tips: ± •± Keep±this±document±in±a±safe±place±outside± your±home,±such±as±a±family±member’s±home± or±safety±deposit±box. ± •± Keep±a±second±copy±in±a±home±safe±or±with± other±important±documents. ± •± Consider±taking±and±storing±photographs±of± high-value±items. ± •± Update±this±inventory±annually. These forms are also available on ERIE’s Web site ( www.erieInsurance.com /homeowners/homeowners- claims-checklist). IMPORTANT: If the amount of insurance protection on your contents is lower than the value shown, contact your ERIE Agent so your policy can be properly adjusted. Summary Room Totals/RC Living Room Family Room Dining Room Recreation Room Kitchen Bathroom Silver Linen Closets Men’s Clothing Boys' Clothing Women’s Clothing
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2-HouseholdInventory - HOU S E HO LD I N V E NTO RY"take...

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