University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics (11th Edition)

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4.40: a) The force the astronaut exerts on the rope and the force that the rope exerts on the astronaut are an action-reaction pair, so the rope exerts a force of 80.0 N on the astronaut. b) The cable is under tension. c) 2 kg 105.0 N 0 . 80 s / m 762 . 0 = = = m F a . d) There is no net force on the massless rope, so the force that the shuttle exerts on the rope must be
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Unformatted text preview: 80.0 N (this is not an action-reaction pair). Thus, the force that the rope exerts on the shuttle must be 80.0 N. e) 2 4 kg 10 9.05 N . 80 s / m 10 84 . 8 4-× × = = = m F a ....
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