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Unformatted text preview: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia UNITED NATIONS DEVLOPMENT PROGRAMME Programme Number: ETH/02/019/A/01/99 Programme Title: Support to Public Sector Capacity Building and Reform Programme in Ethiopia Strategic Area of Support: Efficiency and accountability in the Civil Service. ACC Classification: (0240) Public Administration and Management 26 March 2003 Brief Description: The Public Sector Reform PSD, which falls within the national overall objective of accelerated public sector reform and capacity enhancement for improved service delivery, incorporates 4 main components (1) National Capacity Development; (2) Support to the civil service reform programme; (3) Tax system and revenue collection reform programme and (4) Decentralisation; The overall objective of the intervention is to develop the capacity of the public service at federal and regional levels to a level whereby they can effectively and efficiently plan and promote development activities for poverty reduction and the democratisation process. Three of the components, national capacity development, civil service reform and decentralisation will take the form of a preparatory assistance document. The first component, national capacity development, aims to harness, empower, sustain and properly use capacities available to promote poverty reduction and democratisation efforts. UNDP intervention in this programme will be aimed at formulating a national capacity development policy, including the development of a national UNV programme, promoting ICT and ICT related research, and strengthening NGO and civil society capacity building. The second component, support to the civil service reform programme, will include assessing the capacity gaps in the civil service of the emerging regions, developing an alternative approach for implementation of civil service in those regions, training the top management strata of the civil service to lead and manage the change processes and reform, improving resource utilisation, management and accountability, developing an appropriate records management system, and establishing links between the civil service programme and the decentralisation programme. It will also incorporate support to the Ethiopian Civil Service College and support to the Ethiopian Management Development programme. In both cases special emphasis will be placed on securing full participation of women and students from disadvantaged regions. The third component, reform of the tax and revenue collection system procedures, has as its objective the overhaul and modernisation of the current tax system so as to encourage investment, promote development, enhance compliance, and increase revenue as well as bring efficiency and effectiveness to the tax system. This will be complemented by UNDP’s continued support to the upgrading of the Ethiopian customs system (ASYCUDA). Last, but certainly not least, the decentralisation component will assess and review the problems constraining delivery of public services in the emerging...
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45-ethiopia_psd - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia...

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