lecture8 - Lecture 8: Specialized Algorithms for Decision...

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Lecture 8: Specialized Algorithms for Decision Making Daniel Frances c ± 2012 Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 The Stable Marriage Problem and the Gale-Shapely Algorithm 3 3 Checking for Unrequited Love 5 1
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1 Introduction We just saw how encryption is based on the existence of problems for which only exponential algorithms are known. It is interesting to note that a new type of computer is on the research horizon: quantum computers. Researchers already developed quantum algorithms for polynomial time factorization which would render RSA to be useless. Thus the search for unsolved problems needs to go on within the encryption industry and research. Now let’s turn our attention closer to the OR world where industry and researchers are on the good guys side, and try to develop better algorithms for solving real life decision making problems. You are already familiar with the broad classes of problems for which the field of OR has provided algorithms or is still looking: Linear Programming for which we have both exponential (Simplex) and polynomial (Interior Point) algorithms Integer Programming for which we only have exponential time algorithms Graph Based problems, for which some instances have polynomial time algorithms and other do not. Dynamic Programming, for which we also find combinations Problems that cannot be easily cast into the standard forms and which have their own specialized algorithms Problems for which Greedy Algorithms provide near-optimal solutions
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lecture8 - Lecture 8: Specialized Algorithms for Decision...

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