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Exam 1 Vocab - raised or sunken Cartoon – Full-size...

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Terms to study for the first midterm exam Grisaille – Monochromatic white/gray painting to simulate marble statuary Chiaroscuro – use of light and dark shades to portray 3 dimensional forms Genre – portraying scenes of everyday life Triptych, Polyptych – 3 Panel painting; multi-paneled painting Oculus – window; circular Foreshortening – Portraying a figure so that it seems to recede behind a flat surface; creates the illusion of space Linear Perspective – (with vanishing point, horizon line and orthogonals) – mathematic system of portraying space; all lines (orthogonals) lead to vanishing point on a horizon line. Atmospheric Perspective – portraying space by details in atmosphere/landscape; areas off in the distance are less detailed/less sharp/less defined Contrapposto – Posture/stance in which weight is shifted on to one leg; one shoulder lower, one hip out to side Relief Sculpture – Sculpture in which molded form projects out from a flat background; can be
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Unformatted text preview: raised or sunken Cartoon – Full-size drawing made in preparation for fresco. Pinpricks around outline, held up to plaster, soot applied so there would be dots on wall marking design Sfumato – smoky appearance used by Leonardo; makes it seem like there is a subtle veil distorting view of painting Disegno-Colorito – Disegno: drawing, preparing for a fresco/painting with drawings, all carefully planned out before painting occurs, used so art better approximates nature; Colorito – bright vivid colors characteristic of Venetian renaissance paintings, blending creates a sense of life in painting, glowing richness through layering and blending Rustication – Edges of stones are squared off/create ridges in between; creates rough texture emphasizing the edge of each block Giant Order – Architectural forms that span/unify 2 stories Barrel Vault – similar to an archway/tunnel; like half a barrel turned on its side...
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