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Terms to study for the first midterm exam Grisaille – Monochromatic white/gray painting to simulate marble statuary Chiaroscuro – use of light and dark shades to portray 3 dimensional forms Genre – portraying scenes of everyday life Triptych, Polyptych – 3 Panel painting; multi-paneled painting Oculus – window; circular Foreshortening – Portraying a figure so that it seems to recede behind a flat surface; creates the illusion of space Linear Perspective – (with vanishing point, horizon line and orthogonals) – mathematic system of portraying space; all lines (orthogonals) lead to vanishing point on a horizon line. Atmospheric Perspective – portraying space by details in atmosphere/landscape; areas off in the distance are less detailed/less sharp/less defined Contrapposto – Posture/stance in which weight is shifted on to one leg; one shoulder lower, one hip out to side Relief Sculpture – Sculpture in which molded form projects out from a flat background; can be
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Unformatted text preview: raised or sunken Cartoon Full-size drawing made in preparation for fresco. Pinpricks around outline, held up to plaster, soot applied so there would be dots on wall marking design Sfumato smoky appearance used by Leonardo; makes it seem like there is a subtle veil distorting view of painting Disegno-Colorito Disegno: drawing, preparing for a fresco/painting with drawings, all carefully planned out before painting occurs, used so art better approximates nature; Colorito bright vivid colors characteristic of Venetian renaissance paintings, blending creates a sense of life in painting, glowing richness through layering and blending Rustication Edges of stones are squared off/create ridges in between; creates rough texture emphasizing the edge of each block Giant Order Architectural forms that span/unify 2 stories Barrel Vault similar to an archway/tunnel; like half a barrel turned on its side...
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