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MIE335S Lab 04 - mod Function Winter 2012 MIE335 Lab 04: mod Function 1 Introduction This lab will allow you to familiarize yourself with programming with mod functions in MATLAB. 1.1 Deliverable Submit a single MATLAB m-file that will take two values in for mod operations, and return a matrix that contains the results. Your file should be named (in lowercase only) lab04 utorid.m . For example, if this is lab 1 and for UTORid of doejohn, name the file lab01 doejohn.m . Submit your file by midnight the night of your lab.
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Unformatted text preview: function [sum difference product xInv yInv xTime yTime tElapsed] = lab04_utorid(x, y, n, base) 2 mod Operations Return the following values in positions defined in Table 1 . 1. ( x mod n ) + ( y mod n ) 2. ( x mod n )-( y mod n ) 3. ( x mod n ) × ( y mod n ) 4. x-1 5. y-1 6. Time taken to calculate x-1 7. Time taken to calculate y-1 8. Time taken to calculate all values Table 1: Elements to return 1...
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