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lab05(1) - MIE335S Lab 05 RSA Part I Winter 2012 MIE335 Lab...

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MIE335S Lab 05 - RSA Part I Winter 2012 MIE335 Lab 05: RSA Part I 1 Introduction This lab is to provide you with experience implementing RSA encryption/decryption discussed in lecture and tutorial. For this lab, we will restrict this only using integer values and small cases. 1.1 Deliverable Submit two files: a single MATLAB m-file that will contain all your functions to complete the lab and a plain text file that will answer the question posed in Section 3 . Your MATLAB function should take in 4 parameters and return 2 outputs. Your file should be named (in lowercase only) lab05 utorid.m and lab05 utorid.txt respectively. For example, if this is lab 1 and for UTORid of doejohn, name the file lab01 doejohn.m . Submit your file by midnight the night of your lab. function [d c mPrime] = lab05_function(p,q,e,m) 2 RSA encryption and decryption Recall from lecture and tutorial how RSA encryption works. Given p and q are prime, we can generate public and private keys that allow us to encrypt and decrypt messages. Algorithm 1 Generalized RSA algorithm Given: p , q are prime
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