CEE 366 - Wartman - Winter 2012 - Homework 2

CEE 366 - Wartman - Winter 2012 - Homework 2 - d in borrow...

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Problem 1: The larger the void ratio, the larger the porosity Answer: True Problem 2: In unsaturated soils, water content is always less than 100%. Answer: False A soil could theoretically have a sufficiently large void ratio, such that even when it wasn’t fully saturated the weight of the water in the voids of a given volume was still greater than the weight of the solids in that volume. Problem 3: The natural water content of a borrow material is known to be 8%. Assuming 5500g of wet soil is used for laboratory compaction test points, compute how much water is to be added to other 5500g samples to bring their water contents up to 15% and 22%. Answer: for w = 15%, add ~356 g of water; for w = 22%, add ~712 g of water The same approach can be used to find M w, added ≈ 712g for w = 22%. Problem 4: Refer to the following data: γ
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Unformatted text preview: d in borrow pit, 87.0pcf; w in borrow pit, 13.0%; G s , 2.7; Modified Proctor w opt , 14.0%; Modified Proctor d,max , 116.0pcf. Assume that 50,000 yd 3 of the soil from the borrow pit is to be delivered to an embankment at a construction site. By the time it reaches the site, the water content is 9%. It will be compacted to a minimum of 90% of the modified Proctor maximum dry density. Determine the total weight of water (in lbs) that must be added to the soil to increase the moisture content to the optimum water content. Answer: 5.9 x 10 6 lb of water. Problem 5: For a granular soil, given moist = 108 pcf, D r = 82%, w = 8%, and G s = 2.65. For this soil, if e min = 0.44, what would be the dry unit weight in the "loosest" state? Answer: d = 63 pcf...
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CEE 366 - Wartman - Winter 2012 - Homework 2 - d in borrow...

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