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Italian Late Medieval Art

Italian Late Medieval Art - iv Figures seem 3D act humanly...

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ITALIAN LATE MEDIEVAL ART (1300-1348) 1) Continuity and Change a) Continue Byzantine and Gothic elements b) New Naturalism 2) Naturalism a) Narrative unity, three dimensionality of forms, chiaroscuro, normative proportions, natural setting, spatial depth b) Greco-Roman art as model, direct observation of natural world c) Concern with engaging viewers emotions 3) Nomenclature a) Late Gothic, Late Medieval, Early Renaissance 4) Artistic Centers a) Siena – Duccio b) Florence – Giotto 5) Arena Chapel; Padua, Italy; Giotto a) Religiously inspired frescos of life of Christ, Mary, and Mary’s parents b) Patron: Enrico Scrovegni – pictured offering chapel to angels c) Lowest register not narrative decorative d) Frescos – painted on wet limestone e) Meeting at the Golden Gate; Giotto; Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy; Fresco i) Meeting of Mary’s parents after being told by angels to meet there ii) Embracing each other, halos iii) Building three dimensional, set outside against blue sky
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Unformatted text preview: iv) Figures seem 3D, act humanly, easily read narrative v) Naturalism f) The Lamentation; Giotto; Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy; Fresco i) Christ taken down from Cross ii) Figures in mourning, reacting to death (1) Expression/emotion in posture and faces iii) Outdoors, some landscape, blue sky iv) Rock leads eye to Christ and Mary v) Relationships in space vi) Chiaroscuro – light and dark shades to create 3D form g) Virtues and Vices; Giotto; Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy; Fresco i) Lowest register ii) Grisaille (1) Monochrome, shades of gray, simulates relief sculpture in marble (2) Separates from vibrant, colored narrative panels 6) Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints (Maesta`); Duccio; Cathedral of Siena, Siena Italy; tempera and gold on wood a) Naturalistic poses b) Devotional image, not narrative c) Inscription has signature on bottom...
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