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Unformatted text preview: BC367, Fall 2011 Problem set #7 Due: Friday, October 28th (Hand‐in problems must be done on separate pages. All short answer questions must be typed.) Before completing this assignment, please read the article attached to the wiki by Parang. The following questions are based on that article. 1. Why are protein kinases particularly difficult to target with simple competitive inhibitors? 2. What fundamental advantage do bisubstrate competitive inhibitors have over inhibitors that compete with only one substrate’s binding site? 3. From a protein dynamics perspective, what might be a significant challenge to designing an effective bisubstrate inhibitor? 4. Propose a mechanism for the inhibition of a bisubstrate enzyme with a bisubstrate inhibitor for both a “random” and “ordered” system. 5. How you could measure KI value(s) for a bisubstrate inhibitor? ...
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