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Unformatted text preview: BC367, Fall 2011 Problem set #2 Due: Friday, September 16 (Don’t forget that each question should be answered on a separate sheet of paper. Also, please type your narrative answers.) 1. Calculate the isoelectic point of the following peptides: a. RADISH b. SCIENCE c. FEKETE 2. Draw the peptide, ATLDAK. What is its net charge at pH 7.0? 3. The two Cα hydrogen atoms of Gly are said to be prochiral because when one of them is replaced by another group, Cα becomes chiral. Draw a Fischer projection of Gly and indicate which H must be replaced with a methyl group to yield D‐Ala. 4. If you had a 100.0 mL solution of 5.00 mM aspartic acid, buffered at pH 2.2, how many moles of KOH are required to increase the pH to 10.0? (you may assume constant volume) ...
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