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BI/CH 368L Biochemistry Laboratory Syllabus – Spring 2012 Instructor: Laboratory A: Julie T. Millard Keyes 304 x5757 Laboratory B: Ethan A. Kohn Arey 114 x5717 General Information: This is an integrated laboratory, where students from BI 368 and CH 368 come together to learn in a collaborative environment. We will employ a case study approach, applying biochemistry tools to real-world problems. Experiments are available via the BICH 368 laboratory homepage: Experiments require advanced preparation and organization so that you are prepared to begin work immediately. It is not acceptable to spend the first 15 minutes of lab time reading the handout, as many exercises will take the full four hours. If you are unprepared, you may be asked to leave lab. Each laboratory section is scheduled for four hours, but you will occasionally be asked to return to lab outside of the normally scheduled time. Each experiment requires a formal write-up, which will comprise a significant part of your grade. Anticipated Schedule: Date Assignment Due? Experiment 2/7 & 2/8; 1. Gift Horse? Verification of Equine Maternity 2/14 & 2/15; via PCR-RFLP Analysis 2/21 & 2/22 2/28 & 2/29; Paper #1 sections 2. Heart Attack? Analysis of 3/6 & 3/7; Peer Review Isozymes in Blood Samples from ER Patients 3/13 & 3/14 Final Paper #1 due in lab 3/20 & 3/21 Poster topic due Spring Break …no lab! 3/27 & 3/28 Paper #2 sections 3. Death on the Farm! Inhibition of Citric Acid Cycle Enzymes 4/3 & 4/4 Final Paper #2 due 5A. Poster Preparation and Checkpoint 4/10 & 4/11; Paper #3 due in lab 4. A Better Herbicide? An investigation in 4/17 & 4/18 Rational Molecular Design 4/24 & 4/25 5B. Poster Preparation 5/1 & 5/2 Poster due by 1:00 5C. Poster Sessions 5/4 Paper #4 and notebook due at noon
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BICH Laboratory, Spring 2012 2 Laboratory Requirements: In BICH 368L, we are emphasizing formal reports and peer collaboration with writing. This gives you practice with the type of scientific writing that you will do most often after Colby. Grading is as follows: 1. Your laboratory notebook is the primary record of your data collection. It is also where you record your pre-lab preparation. Your instructor will sign your notebook each week when you arrive and leave lab and then check your notebook at the end of the semester. Your laboratory notebook will comprise 5% of your grade. 2.
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labsyllabus - BI/CH 368L Biochemistry Laboratory Syllabus...

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