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HonorCode - CH 368 Hour Examinations The hour exams in CH...

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CH 368 Hour Examinations The “hour” exams in CH 368 are administered under the Biochemistry Honor policy. Each exam is self-scheduled during a certain three-day window. You will pick up your exam in the chemistry office during regular business hours, spend no more than two hours taking the exam, and then return the exam to Prof. Millard’s mailbox when you are done. Here are the responsibilities of students taking self-scheduled examinations: 1) An examination is to be taken in a public area in the Natural Sciences complex. 2) An examination can only be taken during the specified hours and days. 3) You should not spend longer than the specified time on an examination. 4) You are not to speak at all about any examination until the examination period is over. Even comments such as "That was an easy exam" or "Have you taken the exam yet?" should not be made. 5) You are bound by your honor not to use any unauthorized aid on the exams. 6) You are bound by your honor to report anyone committing academic dishonesty on an
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