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Sample2-1 - Name Sample Exam 2 Chemistry 118 Part I...

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Name__________________________________________ Sample Exam 2 Chemistry 118 Part I- Multiple Choice . Please choose the single correct answer. 1. Increasing the temperature of a swimming pool causes the water molecules to a) form more hydrogen bonds b) collide less frequently c) move around faster d) react with O 2 in the atmosphere 2. The conversion of diamond to graphite does not occur in your jewelry because a) the diamonds are coated during processing b) the reaction has a high activation energy c) the reaction is not spontaneous d) graphite is higher in energy than diamond 3. Oxidation of wood is a) thermodynamically favorable but kinetically unfavorable b) thermodynamically unfavorable and kinetically unfavorable c) thermodynamically favorable and kinetically favorable d) thermodynamically unfavorable but kinetically favorable 4. After you eat lunch, your body metabolizes the food to form the molecule ATP. Later that afternoon, you go for a run, powered by ATP. What is true about this process? a) Potential energy in food is transformed to chemical energy that can be used for work b Because energy is conserved, all the energy is trapped during each transformation with no loss to the surroundings c) Kinetic energy is transformed to potential energy d) These transformations are far less efficient than those that occur in an internal combustion engine, which operates at almost 100% efficiency 5. Which of the following contains the most potential energy? a) a gallon of gasoline b) a glow stick c) a hot pack d) a mole of candy bars 6. Which of the following statements about DNA is not true? a) The two strands are held together by covalent bonds between A and T and between G and C. b) The four bases in DNA code for 20 different amino acids in proteins. c) The Human Genome Project was completed several years ahead of schedule. d) Many diseases are the result of an error in the DNA code.
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2 7. Which of the following would be most likely to be a liquid at room temperature? a) animal fat b) unsaturated fat c) saturated fat d) 8. Aspirin blocks the activity of an enzyme that makes prostaglandins, mediators of fever, pain, and inflammation. Aspirin is a(n) a) restriction enzyme b) enzyme inhibitor c) steroid d) antibody 9. The Polymerase Chain Reaction a) refers to a patented reaction in the polymer industry to make nylon stockings. b) allows amplification of DNA to produce millions of exact copies.
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Sample2-1 - Name Sample Exam 2 Chemistry 118 Part I...

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