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Chemistry 118 CSI Review January 2009 The television drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is currently in its ninth season on CBS. The premise of this popular show is that Gil Grissom, head of the Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigation Unit, solves crimes based on evidence that “most average people would never think exists.” Grissom and his investigators are aided by the latest in scientific technology, some of which verges on the unbelievable. Your mission for this assignment is to watch the episode 19 Down (currently available on the CSI website http://www.cbs.com/primetime/csi/
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Unformatted text preview: under Most Popular Videos) and find three examples of evidence analysis relevant to our discussions either in the CH118 lecture or laboratory. Prepare a brief (~1/2 page total) critique of these examples. Points that you may wish to address include the following. Are these examples accurate portrayals of crime lab analysis? Why or why not? Would there have been a better way to handle this evidence? Are the scientists portrayed in a flattering light? This assignment is due in class (i.e., by 10:00 AM) on Tuesday, January 27 th ....
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