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1 CHEMISTRY 118 LAB SYLLABUS JAN 2009 Lab meetings begin on January 5th, 2009 . Lab methods are posted on the chemistry web site, under the CH118 course page, where you will see the link to Laboratory. You are expected to bring a printed version of the Lab Method with you each day. Prepare before coming to lab by completing the pre-lab assignment given at the start of each lab method document. Any techniques, concepts, or vocabulary that isn’t understood may be asked about during the introductory lecture. Laboratory Lecture: Each day, at the official start of lab time, there will be a brief lecture of important information for the experimental method of the day. Be prompt to hear this essential information. Lateness carries a penalty. You will lose points if you arrive late to lab. Please leave backpacks, cups, food, and other personal belongings outside of lab; they are not allowed in lab for safety reasons. Eye Protection: You will be provided with safety glasses during the first lab meeting. You are expected to wear them each day throughout the scheduled lab meeting, including time spent writing in lab books or doing computer work. At the end of each day you can store your glasses in an assigned location. Missed Labs: You are expected to attend your assigned lab and to complete every experiment in order to meet the CH118 course requirements. If you are sick, go to the Health Center. You can ask the Health Center to contact Lisa Miller by phone at x. 5752. Arrangements to complete the lab work will be made after you are well. Absences must be documented to be verified. Lab space is limited; therefore if you cannot attend your lab you must make prior arrangements. Unexcused absences will earn a grade of zero to 50 % on work completed. This grade will be determined by all CH118 instructors. For some experiments it will not be possible to make-up work as some types of evidence samples do not last indefinitely. In such a case, the unexcused absence will earn a grade of zero on all related work. Grading : All written work accumulated in each investigator’s portfolio shall count towards the final lab grade. The lab related expectations (listed below) completed will be evaluted to earn up to 150 points towards your class grade. Any work not turned in at the conclusion of lab will be assessed a 50% penalty per 24 hours. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. If any submitted work is found to contain copied (electronic, written, or other form) work from any other person, then all participants shall receive a grade of ZERO and the people involved will be reported to Prof. Millard, the Chemistry Department Chairperson, and the Dean of Students. Expectations : to be met on a daily basis All Colby Forensic Investigators (CFI) need to arrive on time and bring the completed pre-lab assignment to be collected/checked at the door.
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