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Group Molecule Day Conroy, Ross dopamine Friday, Dec 2 Moos, Donovan caffeine Friday, Dec 2 Cone, Tully ethanol Friday, Dec 2 Henneberger, Sargent tetrodotoxin Friday, Dec 2 Amato, Hurst, Hubbard histrionicotoxin Monday, Dec 5 Sneed, Smithwood tetrahydrocannabinol Monday, Dec 5 Sonksen, Bassman methylenedioxypyrovalerone Monday, Dec 5 Kaneshige, O'Connor LSD Monday, Dec 5 Tischbein, Tischbein olestra
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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday, Dec 7 Albu, Wassam catechin Wednesday, Dec 7 Chen, Maney luciferin Wednesday, Dec 7 Iseman, Mesna nitric oxide Wednesday, Dec 7 Fairbrother, Kelso Wednesday, Dec 7 Hicks, Kashian aniline purple Friday, Dec 9 Cash, Bertelsen alizarin Friday, Dec 9 Bachelder, Beasley diamond Friday, Dec 9 Fisher, Ansell kevlar Friday, Dec 9...
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