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Name __________________________________________ Answers to Sample Exam Questions #2 Chemistry 112 Multiple Choice 1. The hump of the camel contains stores of a) water b) carbohydrates c) proteins d) triglycerides 2. Which of the following represents the fastest , thermodynamically favorable reaction? Reaction Pathway Energy Reaction Pathway A B C D Reaction Pathway Reaction Pathway 3. Which of the following would dissolve in your coffee the fastest? (Assume equivalent masses.) a) powdered sugar b) table sugar c) sugar cubes d) a lollipop 4. A biological molecule is found to contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus. It is most likely to be a a) carbohydrate b) nucleic acid c) protein d) lipid 5. The small organic molecule succinate is an intermediate in sugar metabolism. The enzyme that catalyzes conversion of succinate also binds malonate, which is structurally similar to succinate. If malonate does not undergo reaction, what is its role in this reaction? a) substrate b) inhibitor c) product d) catalyst 6. Medically speaking, why is consumption of human brains potentially hazardous? a) Nonpolar drugs accumulate in brains, potentially leading to overdoses. b) Brains can be infected with prions, leading to the human form of mad cow disease. c) Brains are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, leading to increased risk of heart attack. d) Radioactive iodine accumulates in the thymus of the brain. 7. The function of an enzyme depends on which of the following? a) the sequence of its amino acids b) its three-dimensional structure c) specific interactions with its substrate d) all of the above 8. Chromatography is: a) used to separate molecules in a mixture based on properties such as polarity b) used to separate biological molecules with an electric field c) used to identify molecules based on interactions with electromagnetic radiation d) a general name for several types of tests that use color change to detect cocaine
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2 9. A bag seized during a drug bust is believed to contain cocaine. Which of the following would be most conclusive that the material is cocaine?
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Sample2-KEY - Name Answers to Sample Exam Questions#2...

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