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1 Gb/s 30 GHz Wireless Data Link between Earth and Moon Palash K Datta UFID: 45061843 Abstract The purpose of this project is to see through simulation the feasibility of creating a data link between the earth and the moon for high speed wireless data transfer. In the way of doing so, QPSK modulation scheme is used for direct up conversion-transmitter and direct down conversion receiver end. This scheme is operating in Ka band. To link between Earth to Moon two data link is used: 1) Earth to satellite and 2) satellite to moon. Index Terms QPSK (Quardrature Phase Shift Keying), LNA (Low Noise Amplifier), PA (Power Amplifier), BPF (Band Pass Filter) I. INTRODUCTION Wireless communication today, is an integral part of human civilization. As the technology advances, people are trying to communicating with more distant object. Thus, successful wireless communication through space beyond satellite between the earth to a far object like moon can open a new avenue to communicate through even more further distance in the space. But there are lots of obstacles to transmit data wireless through such a long distance. For, successful transmission and reception very robust design of transmitter and receiver with a modulation scheme of high bit rate is the ultimate pre-requisite. II. Design constraints
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Datta_Palash_EEE6374_report - 1 Gb/s 30 GHz Wireless Data...

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