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Syllabus Final 6113_F

Syllabus Final 6113_F - EL6113 – Signals Systems and...

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Unformatted text preview: EL6113 – Signals Systems and Transforms Syllabus Instructor: Prof. [email protected] S. Campisi, email:[email protected], LC108 Class TAs: TBA Class Time: Friday 1:00PM to 3:40PM Class Room: JAB474 Text: Signals & Systems, A. Oppenheim & A. Willsky, 2nd EdiVon, PrenVce Hall, 1997 ISBN:0 ­13 ­814757 ­4 Office Hours: Wednesday/Friday 12PM ­1PM Grading: Midterm 40%, Final 50%, Homework 10% Homework: Given periodically to be turned in the following week Exams: 1 Midterm (2.5 Hours), 1 Final (2.5 Hour). Closed Book. Topics: Basic ConVnuous and Discrete Signals ConVnuous and Discrete Time Systems – ClassificaVon and ProperVes LTI Systems and ProperVes Fourier Series for Periodic Signals – ConVnuous and Discrete Frequency Response Fourier Transform  ­ DTFT Systems  ­ Linear Constant Coefficient DifferenVal EquaVons Z ­ Transform Magnitude and Phase CharacterisVcs All Pass and Minimum Phase Systems Laplace Transform – Bode Plots Sampling of Analog Signals ...
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  • Prof.00  Ma, PrenVce00  Hall, ­101PM Grading, periodically00  to00, Series00  for00, Sampling00  of00

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