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Christmas Decoration Project

Christmas Decoration Project - Christmas Decoration Project...

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Home | Map | Projects | Construction | Soldering | Study | Components | 555 | Symbols | FAQ | Links Christmas Decoration Project A kit for this project is available from RSH Electronics . Download PDF version of this page Download Christmas Tree template This project flashes 18 LEDs at three different rates and you can use these to create a Christmas decoration of your choice. The circuit is kept simple (and cheap!) by using the 4060B IC which is a counter and oscillator (clock) in one package. The circuit requires a 9V supply, such as a PP3 battery. It will not work with lower voltages and a higher voltage will destroy the LEDs. The preset variable resistor can be used to adjust the oscillator frequency and this determines the flash rate of the LEDs. The IC limits the current to and from its outputs so the LEDs can be safely connected without resistors in series to limit the current. The stripboard part of the circuit is easy to build but the wiring for the LEDs needs care so detailed instructions are provided below. You can design your own decoration or download our Christmas Tree template to print out and glue onto thick card, hardboard etc. The template has two tree outlines on one sheet of A4 paper. The Christmas Tree template is supplied as a PDF file. To view and print PDF files you need an Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded free for
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