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Home | Map | Projects | Construction | Soldering | Study | Components | 555 | Symbols | FAQ | Links Starter kit of components Also see: Tools for electronics | Making a workbench If you are new to electronics and would like to try adapting published projects, or designing and building your own circuits, you need to have a small stock of components available. However, there is a very wide range of components and it can be difficult to know which ones you really need! I hope the list below will help you choose a sensible selection which is within your budget. Remember that circuits built on breadboard can be dismantled after use and the components re-used. It is usually cheapest to buy components by mail order and several suppliers are listed on the Links page. Send for a catalogue first, even if you have to pay for it, because most include a great deal of useful information as well as listing part numbers and prices. Kits of assorted components may be available and this is a great way to start if you can afford the initial cost. Remember that you will need to organise storage of the components! Rapid Electronics stock a wide range of components and they have kindly allowed me to use their photographs on this page. Essential components These are the components used in most projects. The individual components are quite cheap, but the total cost of the set will be significant! One way to spread the cost is to add a few items from this list every time you buy the components for a particular project. Click on the titles for further information. Resistors 0.25W carbon film resistors are the cheapest type. Choose ones with 4-band colour codes because these are easier to read (the precision of 5-band codes is unnecessary). Ideally you need a good selection of values over the range 100 to 1M such as the E6 or E12 series , but that is a large number of resistors! As a minimum I suggest: 470*, 1k*, 2k2, 4k7, 10k*, 22k, 33k, 47k, 100k, 220k, 470k and 1M . Buy at least 10 of each value and 20 of those marked *. The 470 resistors are for use with LEDs, even if a project specifies a slightly different value. Resistors may be combined in
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Starter kit of components - Starter kit of components 1 of 5

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