Week 5 Hospittality

Week 5 Hospittality - (pp.381382,.Please...

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In the Powers text in Chapter 11 (pp. 381-382), you will find a section entitled Internet Exercises. Please  complete items #1 and #2, making sure to thoroughly visit each web page and carefully answering the  required questions for each item. In Chapter 12 (pp. 422), you will find a similar section as the one above.  Please complete items #1 and #2, also making sure to thoroughly visit each web page and carefully  answering the required questions for each item. APA source citations are required (in-text and on a  separate reference page). 1. Site name: Hotel Online URL: www.hotel-online.com Background information: Hotel Online is the hospitality industry’s online meeting place, providing the latest and most relevant news, trends, discussion forums, employment opportunities, classified advertising, and product pricing available anywhere. Site name: Lodging Econometrics URL: lodging-econometrics.com Background information: Lodging Econometrics is a recognized authority on all hotel real estate, including the development pipeline and the sale and transfer of lodging real estate nationwide. It also compiles and maintains the Industry’s Census of Open and Operating Hotels, which includes the names of owners and management for more than 60,000 hotels in the United States and Canada.
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Week 5 Hospittality - (pp.381382,.Please...

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