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Question: "Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper” Write a 1,050 word paper dealing with a workplace ethical dilemma that either you have experienced personally or with which you are otherwise familiar. This paper, including at least two references, must address the following: • The essential points of the dilemma as you understand them • How this dilemma intersects with your personal values • How you did or would solve the dilemma, and why you would solve it Solution: ‘Ethics’ is important in the study of organization behavior since it affects the way employees are treated and has a great impact on their performance and well-being. Ethical problems such as sexual harassment, discrimination in pay and promotion, and violation of privacy have attracted considerable attention in modern organizations. By other elements like cultural, organizational and also by external environment ethical behavior get influenced along with personal behavior. Family, neighbours, friends, religion, education, and media are the factors cultural environment. Ethical rules and practices, and reward systems includes the organizational influences. The external elements include developments taking place in the political, economic and internationally. In influencing the ethical behavior of individual as well as groups in organizations these all elements work together. In the business atmosphere characterized by competitive, organizations set impossible or very tough to reach targets for employees who break rules being under pressure and even take option to practice in reaching the targets by unfair means. The ideal/ perfect ethical behavior is not defined clearly. The absence of understanding the right and wrong and precise and difference between good and bad is being changed by the organizations and its employees. For example, some of the executives use information from
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Writing Help-7824013. - Question: "Workplace Ethical...

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