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In most circumstances, the way how the situation is to be handled needs problem- solving process. We always use problem-solving process to figure out what is needed to be done to solve the problem. Sometimes, there are situation where your mind try to find quick solution to the problem only to realize that the action seem not to work which will make you rethink and go through a step by step problem -solving process. How did you interpret the problem? The problem seems to be very easy at the start which only need transporting of the three animals across the river that is how I initially interpreted the problem. As what I understood on the problem, in no circumstances should the "cat and dog” and "cat and mouse" be together. So, the two together cannot leave behind together in either side of the river. That gave a hint that it is safe to leave the dog and mouse together and that is the problem that needs to be solved on how the three animals can be transported leaving the dog and the mouse together in either side. What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress?
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2008-09-15_182328_We_do_always_use_problem - In most...

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