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The Role and Nature of Law 1 The Role and Nature of Law The role and nature of law is simple: to give society organization and to provide citizens a non-violent or non-dangerous way to resolve disputes. Without the law people would have to fight for their rights, much like man had to prior to the establishment of society or as the characters in the book The Lord of the Flies did ( The Resolution of Private Disputes ). In those situations might and physical strength, more than morals or justice determined who won or lost property or territory. The law provides society a way to make those decisions that is firmly established and that prevents society from turning into a battle between those with power and those without. Regardless of what area of law, from criminal to civil and the many different areas of civil law (contract, tort, business, real property, estate, etc.) the law offers peace and security to society and gives citizens the confidence they need to enter transactions and make agreements even if they do not personally know the parties they are entering into agreements or contracts with (Govier). Because the legal system, where it can be trusted by citizens, gives citizens the comfort of knowing that their agreements will be enforced people can confidently enter into contracts (Govier). This is how business transactions can be made repeatedly in a society, internationally,
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2008-11-03_201303_Nature_of_Law_November_3_2008 - The Role...

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