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Indian Culture and medicinal tradition. Indian culture is one culture from the Ancient world that has endured un- interrupted through the Millennia, despite approximately 2000 years of foreign rule. This it has done by a judicious mix of resistance and assimilation. The Arab / Mughal hordes that descended on Sindh in 500 A.D were resisted and assimilated to an extent that it took another 500 years before the Delhi Sultanate could consolidate itself over Northern India. The later British rule also met stiff resistance as was evident by the Sepoy mutiny of 1857, that almost was the undoing of their rule over India. Later Indian social norms were more assimilative of both cultures. In the field of medicne, prior to independence, there was co-existence between the native Ayur-Veda medicine and western medicine. Thanks to the long Mughal rule of over 800 years, the Yunani (Ionian) system brought to India by the Arabs was also practised side by side with western medicine and the ancient but effective Ayur-Veda medicine.
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2009-06-17_070327_Indian_medicine - Indian Culture and...

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