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Interviewing a family friend about a brand he was always going to use, he told me of his experiences with the Browning Company. He has to spend all summer, every year, handling rifles, shotguns, and running shooting ranges and through that experience, he says he has developed a brand loyalty that will be very hard to break. His story goes like this: He had been given a knife that was discontinued, made for the Browning Company and with their imprint on it. When it broke, he sent it back to them for repair. Rather than repair it, they sent a very thick envelope. Inside was a letter, a piece of paper, and their entire catalog. The letter told him they no longer made the knife, so they could not repair it, parts were not available. But since their equipment is guaranteed they provided him with a letter of credit, and instructions that he could choose anything from the catalog provided its list price was within 15% of the list price of the original knife. If it was for
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